Friday, June 24, 2011

Where to sleep??

I have start thinking on where to sleep for everyone after mei mei it will be minimum disturb to everyone.. as currently Marcus is sleeping in the baby cot still connected to my bed side by side.. he often will sleep until cross boundaries to our bed.. or sometimes he will sleep on me (treat me as his big big pillow).. so often at night I have to wake up and put him back to his own bed.. 
As mei mei is coming soon, I take into consideration of I have to breastfeed mei mei at night.. and also new born baby at night will be quite noisy.. which will interrupt Marcus gor gor sleep if we are all in the same room.. cause Marcus gor gor already sleeping through the night for long time.. so I have decided is time for us to renovate the baby room (empty room which we spare for them).. then mummy and mei mei can sleep at the new baby room (also confinement lady - during the confinement month).. while Marcus has no change but he sleep next to papa.. 
also I will need to relocate marcus or change a new bed for him as we will need the baby cot for mei mei... so we have a few option to goes.. 
1. just buy a mattress and put on the floor.. (but marcus will still roll until sleep on the floor) as he is rolling 360 degree.. ( and end up we will still need to wake up and put him back on the bed for few times maybe a night) - this sound not a good option to go to me..
2. buy a toddler bed for Marcus.. which i have shortlisted one similar to the baby cot.. 3 side have the guarded side.. just shorter (the guard side compare to the baby cot).. and still can connect to our bed.. (once mei mei is not so noisy at night and Marcus can sleep independently then we can move the bed to the baby room.. so brother and sister can sleep together.. 
(above pic taken when Marcus napping in the noon time on 16 June 2011)
I have been looking around in the internet to see how to renovate the baby room for both of them.. initially it will be for mei mei to sleep and maybe a play room for Marcus.. and the plan is later both of them sleep together in this room... so mummy have shops around the internet and found some cute wall stickers from after agak-agak arranging it.. mummy come out with the plan as shown on top of the pictures.. (the arrangement of the stickers will be adjusted/rearrange when the sticker arrived) as the size also is agak-agak only.. not very sure how big will be the sticker look like.. and we have choose the color for the room to be yellow and green, so it is neutral color for both boy and girl.. :)
mummy hope Marcus and mei mei will like it.. and now let's buy paint and execute the plan!!!

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