Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tweedle Wink - 1st Class 上课咯!!

Marcus now is 20 months 3 weeks old.. and finally I brought him to attend classes once a week at Tweedle Wink Bandar Puteri Puchong branch.. and so fast marcus has a friend to attend the class together with him... she is 26 months old... so marcus can socialize with other kid too :) 

The class is very informative.. it was like feeding a lot of information to the toddlers.. and I hope marcus can learn as much as he can in the class too.. mama is also learning in the class as the information they teach is very broad and some I don't even know too!!! maybe my baby in the wombs is learning too!! :P

to my surprise, marcus will sit together with mama and listen to the teacher also watching the flashing information on the TV.. which marcus actually is very active and he will normally explore the whole classroom on his own.. (yes.. he is very independent boy)

marcus is very brave too!! he do much better compare to the jie jie.. jie jie is very shy and she cried in the class.. marcus like want to sayang the jie jie and he pass her the flash card he is holding.. (so sweet)..

Just 1 bad thing for me now.. as the class was conducted by sitting on the floor.. and with such a big tummy.. I am not flexible enough to take care marcus.. and I feel my back very pain after sitting for almost 1 hours.. :P

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