Friday, June 10, 2011

Shichida vs Tweedle Winks

I have been thinking to let marcus to go for some class and been surveying it for quite sometimes.. There are many types of classes available for baby/toddler from different aspect.. there are music class, right brain training class, physical development class and etc...

The right brain training seem interesting to try and let marcus to has developing his knowledge since young.. 

The famous one that I have checked was the following two:-
  1. Shichida - originated from Japan
    • Fees details for all new registrations are:
    • Weekday / Weekend
    • Term Fees: RM 1050.00 / RM 1200.00 (12 classes)
    • Annual Registration Fees: RM 100.00 / RM 100.00
    • Parent Education Course: RM 350.00(1 pax) / RM 595.00(2 pax)
    • Deposit: RM 500.00
    • strictly no replacement class 
    • Location: KL/Bandar Utama 
  2. Tweedle Wink - originated from US
    • Fees details for all new registrations are
    • Weekday / Weekend
    • Term Fees: RM 1080.00 / RM 1200.00 (12 classes)
    • One Time Registration Fees: RM 300.00 / RM 300.00
    • Deposit: RM 300.00
    • Replacement class allowed 1 time per term
    • Location: many location nearest is Bandar Puteri Puchong to my area
And finally I make up my mind and decided to sign up class with Tweedle Wink to let marcus to try at least for 1 term to see if he will like the class or not.. main reason for choosing Tweedle Wink is Location.. where i don't need to travel so far everyweek for the class.. and seem Tweedle wink is more flexible than Shichida.. :) I hope marcus will love it and learn something which is useful for his life..

I will update on his class later.. stay tune!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, just to keen to know how's your kids after attending Tweedle Winks for some time?
How do you feel about it?
Mind to share with me? :)


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