Sunday, June 26, 2011

My First Muffin Making

Due to Marcus breakfast is not eating well for few weeks.. mummy start to look around what else can mummy offer to marcus as breakfast.. I come across a yogurt recipe.. and decided to give a try and made my very first muffin.. But, for the beginner like me her recipe is a bit too simple for me to understand.. so I have add on some explanation after I had study further from cakes making books, and asking my cousin for further clarifications.. so below is the recipe in details also i have modified little bit due to the availability resources and after experiments I realized the mistake I have made, so to improvise the recipe as below:-

220g Yogurt (i used blueberry yogurt) 
120g raising (organic) 
120g unsalted butter 
100g brown sugar 
2 eggs 
200g plain flour
2 table spoon baking powder
1 table spoon bicarbonate soda
little bit of salt 

1) preheat the oven to 180 degree C
2) Take out the unsalted butter from the fridge 30 minutes before making (so it will be soften in room temperature) then cut into small cubes for easier mixing. Put butter into mixture and mix until the colour turn little bit lighter and creamer, then add in brown sugar and mixing for another 10 minutes to make it really creaming fluffy and light (can use high speed) 
3) Turn the mixture to slow speed. then slightly beaten the 2 eggs and slowly add into the mixture bit by bit.. mix until well blended
4) mix the yogurt and raising together, then add into the mixture (can still use the slow speed) or use hand to mix it
5) in another big bowl, mix the flour + baking powder + bicarbonate soda + salt. Then add into the stir in the powder by 3 batches.. using hand mix.. 
6) use the tablespoon and scope the ready mixture onto the muffin mould (3/4 full) then bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown. (you may check after 15 minutes baking - use a toothpick and cucuk the muffin.. if is non sticky it mean it is done) 

 mistake1: I have over bake a little bit.. so it is not really golden brown.. instead it look like chocolate color already :P
 Mistake 2: I didnot use a muffin mould, so the muffin all got cacat look (the shape is not nice) and all stick together.. :)
But the taste of the muffin is still very good provided you like the yogurt taste :)
yummy!! and marcus eat a few bites of the muffin.. he is a very picky eater I hope he will like it.. tomorrow this will be part of his breakfast loh!!!!


Unknown said...

Mommy Yvonne, may I know what type of oven you are using? I am scouting for an oven, a table top one. :)

YvOnNe Fong said...

Cheeky Bub.. Me use build in oven oh..


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