Monday, June 13, 2011

小宝宝阿姨's wedding

Last weekend we went back to hometown to attend "小宝宝阿姨's" wedding lunch.. and definitely mummy with big tummy has problem thinking what to wear!! haha... dilemma as always.. but it is a good weekend.. cause mummy's two good friend Shenner Tan 姨姨 and Linien Goh 姨姨 went back together with us.. and mummy having a really good chit chatting with them until 4am in the morning on sat night!! yes.. 3 aunties together become one pasar!!! hahaha :)
marcus's virgin hair gel!!!
 my twins babies..
 Shenner Tan 姨姨 , Linien Goh 姨姨 and pretty mummy (:p buay pai seh)
 marcus long time no meet with your relative from mummy side.. 琪铭舅舅 & 美惠阿姨 and your little Kingsley cousin.. and 明峰 cousin..
 also here marcus's 公公 & 婆婆
 naughty marcus cover mummy face.. dont like mummy take photo!!!
 finally see the pretty 小宝宝阿姨 bride and 丽婷阿姨
小宝宝阿姨 bride & Harry Hamet Groom :)
wish both of them happiness forever!!!

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