Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!!

This Humpty Dumpty (mummy) had a great fall and sat on the floor yesterday afternoon.. how does it happened? mummy also not very sure.. it was lunch time.. mummy thought to went down to get my lunch.. so mummy walk down the stairs.. and just about two steps away to the ground floor.. mummy legs slipped and fall down on buttock and leg kicked the stairs gate.. mummy definitely was in great pains and sat there for around 5 mins.. then mummy was worry about you inside my tummy.. so i tried to concentrate and to feel whether you are moving and kicking inside.. and mummy really feel you!!! you movement give mummy relief!!!
mummy didnot really worry if the baby has any problems or not.. as I can still feel you kicking inside my womb.. but just to make sure everything is fine.. and let mummy not to worry further.. mummy went to Dr Tan clinic and have a scan too.. and mummy was happy to see you again on the screen.. and today we able to see half of your face.. Doctor said you have a chubby face.. the nose is quite high.. and have a nice chin.. and everything is okay.. as mummy has all the protection over the baby.. the water cushion and etc.. Doc just worry about if mummy hurts.. But, so far mummy is okay except have some blue black here and there.. and some pain here and there.. :P 
baby must have shocked and wonder what happened out there!! and maybe she had the feeling of playing roller coaster??? haha.. must be fun.. but mummy promised will be more careful and will not want to hurt my sweetie!!!
mummy captured this on the ultrasound screen with mummy's hp.. so you can have a look at this when u grown up yeah!! 
mummy love you as much as I do too!!!
baby at 22 weeks 3 days
mummy weight: 56.4kg (gain about 7.4 - 8.4kg)


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Glad to hear that u & bb r okay.

BB looks clear in the 4D scan hor.. Must be a leng lui~!!! Hehe

jamiemama said...

Glad to hear tht both beautiful ladies are alrite!


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