Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

To me i don't like my own father.. coz he is not responsible at all.. after my mom dead when we was still at very young age.. he left us... and we grown up in nanny's house.. 

Today is father's day.. and I am thankful as my dear hubby is a Good Father.. my dear hubby was together with me in the labor room to give me courage when i delivery marcus.. I still remember how he learn and help the tiny new born marcus to bath toward the end of my confinement month.. how he learned to burp Marcus.. 

he is the type of father that I ever had for myself.. 
 see how tender he can be... :) (marcus you must love your papa oh!!!)
the father-son look alike from day 1.. 
pic below: marcus and papa watching cartoon on you tube using ipad!!! see both of them laugh so happily..
now Marcus also enjoying his papa accompany.. when papa came back from work.. Marcus will be very excited and waving his hand and open the door for papa..
Marcus is lucky to have such a great papa!! And I hope he will be forever a good papa for my kids too!! I hope he can be more involved to be bond together with our kids too!!
Papa.. mei mei is coming soon for your great love too!! 
Happy Papa Day!!!

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MDOB said...

Happy Father's Day!! :)


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