Wednesday, June 1, 2011

21 weeks pregnant

Time flies really fast for this pregnancy.. it is a good sign for me.. :) today, my little baby inside my tummy is at 21 weeks 5 days.. and my tummy was huge for 21 weeks pregnant.. the below photo also shoot before I had my lunch.. so it can say is relatively smaller as it can be!!!
my worry of not sure baby is okay or not has reduced.. as from 19 weeks ++ I can feel baby kicks or movement.. this baby kick is much gentle than my previous 2 pregnancy.. maybe my tummy is huge more space for my baby to move around.. or maybe she is a girl that's why more gentle :P 
I don't suffer any morning sickness after 17 weeks.. so I am enjoying my pregnancy honeymoon at this moment.. but sometimes I will have some backache.. 
now I look forward to this friday check up.. also, this will be the first time ever I go on schedule for the check up.. :P doctor will not have chance to say me this time "why?? Kee Mui you come earlier again??" hahaha
I have the urge to shopping for baby girls.. but in other hand I worry it might be change.. that why I still holding my brake.. this is also the reason I look forward to this friday check up to reconfirm again "it is a girl".. then I can happily shopping for my girl girl loh!!!


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Nice photo~!!!! Love your first phot very much, look artistic!!!

MDOB said...

Nice one. I love the first pic!!


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