Saturday, May 7, 2011 - Blogger of the Year Contest

hey to all my reader.. I hope you all can support me by voting me in the contest. 

One person can vote one One time per day per categories only..

SO , please vote me once everyday yeah!!! :P 

the step to vote is easy, just follow the below steps:-
2. click the facebook as shown below
3. u will be link to facebook account and u need to click "allow"
4. then back to this page again, you will see page like below, key in the circle words then click vote
5. you will see there is a message saying you have voted successfully. 
6. then next day, vote me again without step2-3 just key in the wording and vote again!!! 
7. Do repeat this action everyday.. yeah!!! (haha.. buay pai seh :P) 


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