Sunday, May 15, 2011

When ur baby call you "mama"?

I am waiting for this day to come.. to hear marcus look into my eyes and call me "mama/mummy/mimi/mami" whatever.. 
he mumble a lot.. but none we could understand so far.. but we can catch what he mean sometimes.. 
he will yi yi ah ah... papa.. mama.. bi li ba lah.. but no meaning.. haha maybe he has his own meaning but sorry papa and mama cannot understand you baby... 
for few incident as below: we could know what he trying to say.. 
case 1: our family car in front of his seat got two monitor (tv screen).. so everytime he sit inside the car.. he will say.. "ah ah" and point his little finger on the screen in front of you.. to instruct us to on for him.. then he will point on the other screen and repeat "ah ah" .. please on another one too..
case 2: after he wake up from his nap.. he normally will shout at the bed.. "ah.. ah.. ah.." telling us that he wake up already!!! and always when i walk in the room.. he is "ah.. ah.." while looking outside towards the door.. maybe he is saying.. anybody home??? I wake up already!!! 
case 3: oh yeah.. he use to say "mom mom" meaning eating.. but recently doesn't hear this anymore.. 
case 4: he will stand at the staircase door (which is guard him from climbing the staircases) and shouting ... ahh.. yi.. ahh.. argg.. he knew i was sitting upstair and work.. so I often will answer him.. "yes, marcus... you looking for mummy?? anything???"
many peoples said boy talks slower than girls.. and I read somewhere it say some boys only start to talk after they are 2 years old.. I am not worry about his development.. but just wishing to hear him call me mummy one day sooner.. :) 
mummy waiting for the day to come!!!!


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

My Yan Yan very good in calling "Papa"...

Whenever I asked her to call "Mummy", she will say "Papa". Haha~

She can speaks "Papa","Popo", "Mum-Mum", imitate Lion roar, Dog bark, Bird sound.... BUT SHE JUST REFUSE TO CALL "Mummy"~!

I am waiting for the day to come as well... ^_^

YvOnNe Fong said...

Mui Ngee: yan yan very good loh.. my marcus basically call nothing yet.. haha.. let wait together..


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