Friday, May 6, 2011

Sambal Prawn

I bought some fresh prawn earlier.. so thinking to make 'sambal prawn' this is I home made the sambal for first time..
Sambal ingredients:
Dry Chili 
few glove of garlic
many many shallots 
some belacan
Lemon grass
1. Blend dry chili, garlic, shallots, belacan, & lemon grass together 
2. put some oil on the kuali.. then put all blended ingredients to cook with slow flame.. 
3. until aroma.. and put in some water to make it cook longer and even more aroma
4. add in salt and sugar.. the amount is based on personal preference.. if u like more sweet sambal then put more sugar.. taste it to your taste bud.. 
Method to cook Sambal Prawn
1. wash the prawn and remove the shell only remain the tail..
2. put oil in kuali
3. put in big red onion cut into ring 
4. put in prawn to cook 
5. add in the sambal made earlier
6. decorate your plate and it's ready to eat.. 

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