Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pregnancy Vitamins & Supplements

Every morning after I drink my herbal life breakfast.. then I will take these "little" (there are not little in size at all) pills out from the cabinet and eat it.. 
what is it? 
Folic Acid - (as the color of the word.. it is the tiny yellow color pill) eating it before even pregnant.. then it is most important during the first trimester of pregnancy.. but my doctor said we have to eat through out the whole pregnancy.. so I am still eating it now!! - this actually can get from any green leafy vegetables.. but our chinese cooking styles.. will normally spoilt it before we can really get it from the vegies.. 
Obimin - (as the color of the word.. you can guest which one is the pill right??) this is actually a multivitamin.. which start eating only from 2nd trimester until delivery lor.. 
Calsium - (the white color pills) I think this I dont need to explain.. but have you ever heard about this story.. we woman will loose one teeth after we deliver 1 baby?? it is due to we have not enough calsium intakes.. but it is just what I hear.. not sure is it true or not.. hihi.. this also taking from 2nd trimester onwards..
Neuro Gain - (the yellow transparent one) this is new to me.. hehe.. only this pregnancy I eaten it.. it is a new supplement actually the doctor told me.. which it includes DHA, whatever AAA (I don't remember clearly what does it contains - just blindly eating it.. if doctor ask too) but this pill is for our kids.. which it will help early development in the baby brain.. which is similar to the whatever mama powder out there.. haha!!!!

so far these are what I am eating as supplements.. and I tried to have balance meal everyday.. rice.. meat (chicken/fish/pork).. vegies.. and soup... the last pregnancy (marcus) I eat a lot of bird nest.. but this time i haven't eat single spoon also.. lazy to cook.. haha.. but I think I will start eating soon!!!

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Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Bird Nest u can buy Lo Hong Ka one, well cook one, u put in fridge then take it out when u want to eat...


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