Monday, May 23, 2011

Play Ground & Park

there is one big park in my housing area here.. and almost every evening it is full of families there.. mostly with kids.. haha.. and some do exercise (jogging, basketball, badminton) over there.. some are flying kites.. some play the electric control plane and boat... 
but we very seldom bring marcus out here for a walk.. if I can remember correctly.. this is the third time we bring him here.. but in fact it is very good place to hang around if not so hot... yesterday marcus noon nap was earlier.. and he wake up earlier too.. so we have some spare times to bring him for a walk here.. 
walk walk walk along the park and holding to papa's hand.. marcus also busy observing around... 
see my leng zai marcus... walking on the road.. 
we walk until the play ground for kids.. and this is the first thing marcus play.. while he still looking at other kids playing there..  
also his 1st time in the life playing swing.. he refused at first and complaint.. with scare.. then later he enjoy sitting and swinging while he still looking at other kids.. 

papa is the one to push and push the swing oh!!!
in the park.. there are many ice cream seller.. and papa mama also bought and eat.. so give marcus a bites too.. yummy!!!
when we want to leave the play ground coz a lot mosquitoes.. but marcus refuse.. and walk back himself there... 
 haha.. and mama said let.. we take some photo together with marcus.. 
but marcus not cooperate.. still busy looking at others kids playing around.. 

so mama promise will bring marcus out more often to play here.. and later will buy him bicycle to ride here too.. haha :)

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