Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maid stories

for the past 1 and a half years.. i have been having problem with maid.. 

my first Indonesian maid after delivered Marcus work for us for about 6 months.. then one day we realized she climb out from the house from 5-6am on one Monday morning.. she did came back.. but we decided to sent her back to agent.. this maid was good in handling baby.. but she is very lazy and always talk back to me.. and I also feel very geram with her.. however, i didn't scold her at all and treat her very good.. maybe she is the only help and i don't wish she do something bad at the bad with Marcus too... 

thereafter i have been having problems of getting one..  

in between we get part time maid from Myanmar who introduce by a friend.. but it is not good as well.. change about 2-3 Myanmar maids along these times..

then we decided to get local Chinese nanny, who stay in from Mon-Sat.. which i don't need to train them and they can also help to cook for us.. then we hiring the part time maid to come to clean the house once a week.. and auntie will help to clean everyday just the floor downstairs.. 

the first auntie we get through agency.. she was too fat and hardly can walk properly.. and at the end she really fall down in the toilet and before she fall down actually we already decided to replace her.. so she work for us for one month only..

then we got a replacement by the agent.. this auntie just staying nearby.. so it was good too.. she came and work for us for few weeks.. and we found that she is doing good with Marcus too.. then only she told us that she had very serious diabetes which she was on insulin injection twice everyday.. so in the few months she work for us.. she does get sick.. and didn't come to work for few occasion.. so we knew that this will not be the long term solution.. then we start looking and hunting for Philippino maid this times.. 

first we got an agency at puchong.. the agent gave us some biodata to choose from... we selected but few days later said ops.. sorry those biodata is not ready to come.. so give us another set of biodata to choose again.. we just accept it.. and choose again.. waited for 1 month.. then the agent said again.. sorry this maid was not ready.. and ask us to choose another one.. @#$#!%^@.. ok, never mind.. I choose again.. and this time we waited for almost 3 months.. the agent also called and said they are buying the air ticket for her to fly here on 29 Nov 2010.. but the bad news come again from the agent. said the maid back off.. and refuse to come.. again ask us to choose another maid.. We almost want to Fxxx her off.. and we said we have been giving so much patient and tolerant but it let us down one after another.. so sorry.. we want to have full refund!!! and the agent agree at the end.. 

so we bear with the sick aunties... and in between she was sick for like 1 weeks.. then said can't continue to work.. then she recover and said ok can work back.. back and forth like this for few times.. then after cny aunties called one day and said her leg was in great pain and she can't even walk.. end up she didnot come to work after that...

in the rush.. lucky we got a temporary Indonesia Maid.. she is too stupid.. I am sorry to be direct... and I vomit blood everyday and everytime talk to her.. so i just let her help up on the house cores most of the times.. while we been waiting for our philipino maid to come.. 

then a friend of mine just get a maid from his agent and comments was not bad.. so i asked for the contact.. again been given some biodata to choose from right before cny.. and we selected one.. and paid all the fees etc.. then waited for 2 months + and out maid finally came... and she was now working for me for about a month.. she is very good.. and thanks GOD we finally got a good helper!!! But, we still need to train her on her cooking.. haha.. will share her creative cooking next time.. :P

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