Monday, May 9, 2011

"Let it be..看开点"

(this photo taken at clinic with my blackberry phone)
as the title of this blog.. "let it be.. 看开点" .. i have been learning this tough lesson since day 1 Marcus was born!!! And it seem it is the hardest lesson to be learned.. because we really worry & 紧张 our baby.. so ask me to "let it be.. 看开点" is quite difficult.. why suddenly i talk about this topic???
yesterday, marcus was down with sickness again.. he refuse to take his dinner.. and didnot drink a sip of milk then went to sleep already.. high fever at mid night measure went up to 39.1C... and whole night he is not sleeping well.. so conclusion i didnot get to sleep as well..
today, after he hardly has some breakfast and bath.. I bring him to clinic.. and found out his fever is even higher.. 39.6C.. doc insert the medicine into his buttock coz fever too high and need to bring down the fastest way... tonight he also doesn't single bite of dinner and didnot drink a sip of milk too..

What i need to "let it be.. 看开点"????
1. today went clinic time, we weight marcus and I was very happy he gain weight.. now 10.6kg.. gain 500g in 1 month.. very hard job.. and i need to "let it be.. 看开点" coz this time he sick it will be negative back..
2. marcus is sick and no appetide to eat.. "let it be.. 看开点"
3. marcus is sick and dont want to drink milk.. "let it be.. 看开点"

as a mother is really tough.. we worry so much.. and yet.. we need to learn this important lesson "let it be.. 看开点" there are friends told me these sentense before:-
"there will be no hunger baby.. if they hungry they will eat!!!"
"no drink milk?? doesn't matter.. worst is just slimer and tiny than other baby.. they will still grow up!!"
these sound easy to hear.. but very difficult for me to accept.. i really need to "let it be.. 看开点"

I hope marcus recover after he wake up tonight.. GOD BLESSED!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi dear,

Maybe your other friends didnt tell you that after they recover from their sickness, somehow, they would eat more and drink more milk, to sort of 'make up' for the dip in their weight.

It's really no point worrying that he has not reached his daily milk quota. As long as he recovers and he's taking enough nutrients, he will still grow. When no 2 comes along, maybe you will worry lesser and let go more, coz not enough energy to worry about 2 at the same time. :)


YvOnNe Fong said...

Hi Sherm,

yes, normal kid will eat more and drink more.. but my marcus not loh.. :( but I hope he recover faster lah..


Carrie said...

Not to worry too much dear.. Marcus is a healthy baby. Just have to believe in Tiānshēng tiān yǎng...天生天養


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