Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Since Young I lost my mother.. who died of cervical cancer.. so, in my mind i just had pieces of memory about my mother.. 

scene 1: i remember she told me she got pregnant.. very happy and excited.. go and tell my nanny "ah ma" and she pai seh until want to hide behind the door!!!
scene 2: 1st day of me going to primary school.. i sit behind mama's bicycle and she fetch me to school.. recess time she came and bring me food!! 
scene 3: she scolding me 38 and slap on my face.. 
scene 4: she was really sick and lying on the general hospital at  Kluang.. very very thin or should say skinny (left only skin) 

that's all i have my memory towards my mama.. I don't have very much feeling about it.. maybe I am still too young that time when she pass away.. 

I was brought out by nanny "ah ma" whom i really respect and I love her very much too.. but due to the family culture.. i don't really show my feeling.. but I remember last time me and my brother we bought a flower and gift to our Ah Ma as mother's day present.. and she is really happy with it too.. :) - 
Ah ma.. i really misses you a lot... 

now, myself a mother of 1, going to be 2 soon.. i realized be a mother is really not easy.. our responsibility and journey start from day 1 we knew that we are pregnant!!! from that day onward.. we have to gone through so much.. which father can hardly experience.. gone through the morning sickness.. experience the first kicks inside our tummy.. gone through the 9 months of pregnancy.. gone through the pain and bitterness of labor.. until we see our baby... it is just the beginning of motherhood.. from the 1st day of born.. we already start worrying about them... feed.. change diaper.. poo.. bath.. everything.. it is our pleasure to see our kids to grow bigger day by day.. but as a mother we are very complicate "毛屯" ourself too.. in one hand we hope they grown up faster.. another hand we also wish our baby can be forever our sweet baby in our arms.. and i know be mother is really not easy and really we scarify a lot for our baby and family.. we lost freedom.. we lost friendship.. we lost ourselves too (all in our mind is baby comes first and family comes first).. but I have no regret to be a mother too.. I hope to give all the best I can to my baby!!!

Salute to all mother in the world & wish us all HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!


jamiemama said...

Happy Mother's Day 伟大的 mama Yvonne !

YvOnNe Fong said...

Happy Mother's day 伟大的 mama Jamie !

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Happy Mothers Day!!!


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