Friday, May 27, 2011

Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe

Recently I found cooking can bring me sense of satisfaction too!!! :P
I have always think to try to cook Hainanese chicken rice.. so I try to search online for some recipes.. and I combine the method and ingredients and come out with the following recipe. enjoy and try it out yourself.. it is actually very simple and easy!!!

- one whole chicken with skin (i use kampung chicken bought from pasar live)
- old ginger 
- garlic
- salt
- white sugar
- soy sauce 
- sesame oil 
- white peppercorn
- thai fish sauce
- chinese pasley 
- cucumber 
- shallots
- 2 big red chili 
- few chili padi
- Bean paste
- lemon / vineger
- pandan leaves
- oil 
- ice & water
- rice

  1. cook the chicken first, clean through the chicken.. with the head on also 
  2. a big pot and clean filtered water (the pot must be big enough so the chicken can be submerge under the water totally). 
  3. Put [1 knob of old ginger (washed with skin and smashed with big knife), put salt (personal reference if u like salty put more or otherwise), 6 cloves of garlic (wash with skin), some white peppercorn] inside the pot in the water. then bring to boil.
  4. Once water boiling... then use your hand hold the chicken neck and put the chicken inside the boiling water for around 1 min like that.. go around and and turn the chicken and make sure both side of chicken is inside the boiling water... then lift it up.. wait the water boil again.. and repeat this step. Repeat this step for 6 times. 
  5. Off the fire and submerge the whole chicken inside the water and cover the pot. Let it stay inside got hot bath for 50min.
  6. After 50 min hot bath, open the pot cover, take out the chicken and put inside a bowl of ice water to Cold bath the chicken and cool down the chicken for abt 10 min. 

7. Use the chicken stock to cook the rice. Wash the white rice clean. Then add in the chicken stock (water level same as normal you cook the rice in rice cooker). add in pandan leaves (6 leaves wash and tear it into half and tie a knot as shown on the following picutures). add in one knob of old ginger (wash with skin and smash with big knife), add in Shallot oil (for 3 ppl rice can add about 4 table spoon of shallot oil). add in salt (to ur personal liking if like more salty put more or otherwise). Then put in the rice cooker and cook. 

8. while wait for the rice to be cook. we can made the chili sauce. Wash & Cut the 2 red chili, chili padies, 2-3 shallot (skinless), some old ginger (skinless), 2 table spoon of bean paste, 1 table spoon of sugar, lemon juice/vineger. Put all ingredient into blender and blended it to fine. take out and dilute it with the oil on top if the chicken stock.

9. Chop the chicken and place the chicken on top of a plate with cut cucumbers.
10. Made the marinate sauce for the chicken. 0.5 spoon of white sugar + 4 table spoon of soy sauce + 2 table spoon of sesame oil + 1 table spoon of thai fish sauce. pour the sauce all over the chicken. Then put chinese pasley on top.

10.  Ready and Enjoy It!!! To serve. we also can take a small bowl of chicken stock to become soup.
 (i put the fried shallots that I fried to use the oil to cook the rice on top of the rice)
11. I also fried Bean spout (tauge) with little of thai fish oil.

Remaining chicken stock I freeze it in the fridge and used to cook porridge for marcus for the next few days. :)

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