Thursday, May 12, 2011


我爱“汗宝宝”!! like the title says... I love my sweating son!!! if one day i found that he is not sweating that mean he is going to sick.. having fever.. so I really love my marcus who is a “汗宝宝”!! he sweat a lot!!! 

I think all mother are the same.. we feel bad and worry when they fall sick... and they fall sick we are the most  辛苦one.. at night they will just sling on us.. keep crying and end up the whole night restless.. and day time they will just very fuzzy and keep clinging on us too.. yet, we can't help them much.. and just pray that they can recover at earliest.. sometimes I will rather I am the one fall sick than him... 

Today marcus seem better.. and he back to be my lovely “汗宝宝”!! I hope he always be my “汗宝宝”!! 

be well soon... my son.. 

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Unknown said...

your nice picture almost everywhere..keep writting..added u on my blogroll.. :)


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