Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Babyplus - prenatal educational system

today is the first day I start this "babyplus" Prenatal Educational System with my baby inside my tummy.. she is now 20 weeks & 4 days old.. so she will go through the 16 lesson for the remaining of 18-20 weeks.. twice everyday (morning 1hr and evening 1 hr)

when i putting it on my tummy just now.. and turning it ON.. marcus was curious and keep touching the babyplus.. and keep want to listen too!! so cute and funny...

I hope she also same like his gor gor.. which his gor gor from born he knew when is day time and when is night time.. day time will eat and eat nonstop.. while night time he only wake up once at 3am for feeding milk even though he was on breast feed exclusively... which is about 3-4 hrs gap and let mama to sleep for 3-4 hrs continuously.. what a good boy right?? haha.. thus.. I hope this babyplus magic can happened again on my newborn baby too!!! :P

Click HERE for my previous article about Babyplus or http://yvonnefong.blogspot.com/2009/11/product-review-baby-plus.html


Yvonne said...

Where do you get your babyplus? Do you want to sell for second hand? If yes, do email to me yvonne118@hotmail.com thanks!

YvOnNe Fong said...

mine a bit old dy.. and fall on the floors few times by my son.. so can't sell la..

you can try get it at Cosway.


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