Sunday, May 8, 2011

18 Weeks Pregnant

Time flies really faster this pregnancy... maybe because I am really too busy with many things... now already 18 weeks.. and I went to check up again yesterday.. and the conversation in clinic goes like this..

doc: kee mui.. why you come earlier again this time??
hubby: coz she miss the baby!!
me: coz I am scare and worry!!
doc: now already 17 weeks 6 days.. no need to worry so much.. it is very stable already.. 
me: yes I know but last time the incident was 32 weeks also.. which is also stable what!!!
doc (smile and shake his head): don't think about that anymore.. it is very rare case.. 
(scanning: baby is good and she twist and turn just in a second from lying down to upside down.. opss... did I say "she"??? yes!!! is a she.. doc said is a SHE!!!)
 this time my tummy is super huge.. only 2 months it is already obvious.. and 3 months then it look like 5 -6 months pregnant!!! (pardon me: this auntie.. no make up at all.. look a bit ugly)
this mama.. purposely want to show how big is the tummy.. but it is not very big yet.. coz is early morning and I haven't eat anything yet.. haha.. so is relatively smaller.. 


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Gratz mummy~ 1 boy 1 girl can sau gong already, haha!

U still look good without makeup...!!

jamiemama said...

congrats dear! can wait to see the little yvonne ^^

jamiemama said...

congrats dear! cant wait to meet little yvonne!


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