Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am very mad yesterday night.. because my marcus don't want to drink milk again for the 2 night.. then i found out why.. it is because my maid sleep together with him while swinging marcus to sleep and if marcus sleep too long then we will missed the "timing of feeding".. then it is impossible to make him to drink.. or I should say even to pull his pacifier out from his mouth and not to say to insert the milk bottle inside his mouth, it is impossible!!! 
I was really mad yesterday night.. mad with myself.. mad with marcus.. and mad with my maid.. but i did not really scold my maid.. i hug marcus down.. hoping he wake up and later we put him to sleep again and hopefully he will at least drink 2-3oz milk.. and i walk straight into my maid room.. and ask her did marcus already sleeping very long?? and she answered me with guilty look "yes, mam".. then i asked her did she know that if he sleep too long then he will refuse to drink milk??? and yesterday was the same too.. marcus did not even drink one sip and sleep already.. I was really mad and i need to cool down.. so i went to the fridge and take a glass of cold water and drink.. after we put him to sleep again.. and I also not manage to make him to drink as he is not deeply sleep soundly.. after failed again.. i put him inside his cot.. and i lying down sleeping next to him.. again one night without milk.. and again one day didnot hit his quota..
even to make marcus to meet his minimum quota of 15oz of milk intake daily.. it is impossible.. I am always stress against this.. why so?? coz he is not eating well too.. he is such a fussy eater.. and his weight is way below average.. is dropping to now 10% line in the growth chart.. 
sometimes i am really thinking am i asking too much???

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