Friday, April 15, 2011

Pregnancy worry

I do always have worry.. maybe is phobia from my first pregnancy.. it is worst when i was pregnant with marcus.. this time seem the time flies faster.. maybe i am too busy with marcus.. with work.. etc.. so in fact i have less worry this time compare when i was expecting marcus.. 
especially when every time went to check up.. I will worry that doctor tell me baby got no more heartbeat.. the feeling will gone until i see & hear baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound screen.. because of the worry.. i tend to go to see doctor for my appointment always 1weeks earlier... and doctor will normally asked me earlier.. why come earlier.. but now he never ask again.. seem that he know i am worry.. haha.. 
I think i will be better after i got the feeling of baby kicking me.. 
Pic above.. is the ultrasound scan pictures.. I am happy that my baby is growing healthy.. and i hope he/she be healthy like the marcus gor gor.. look at the week 10 scan.. can see clearly that he/she got a head.. body.. hand.. :) 


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Congratz again~!!!

Yvonne, I understand your feeling...

I also have phobia when I expecting my Kai Xin, due to my 1st pregnancy bb heart beat stops at week 10 as well...

Today I just got another sad news from my cousin wife which baby also stop heartbeat at early pregnancy~

I plan for my 2nd pregnancy in coming Aug'11 cos want to wait for my Kai Xin 2years old only let her be sister. Haha!

I hope u can get bb girl too & I can get bb boy, then we can stop production together. Hahaha~ Keep me updated ya~

Beanz said...

Hi Yvonne, congratz to you first..

am sorry to have to leave a comment to u like that, I read from MB forum that you highly recommend your CL...can I have her number pls? pls email me at sorry and congratulation to you again ya..

erixa said...

Congrats, Yvonne!


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