Thursday, April 28, 2011


again i was really mad just now... what I am mad with?? I mad with the thunder storm... I mad with the sudden big rain which is very noisy... I mad with those people who keep pressing the door bell non-stop, can't they just press once and wait for the people to open the door?? you must be ponder why I am so mad right?? it is because of my precious son Marcus just fall asleep and I even not yet feed him the milk and those noises come and wake him up.. bustard.. I really angry and mad with myself too.. which he will not be able to meet his quota again!!!! 
as a mother.. i was just want him to has his minimum requirement.. i doesn't really expect much.. just to meet the lowest requirement i will be very happy.. 
i already start to learn about "take it easy" if 5oz of milk he drink 2oz also is better than none.. 
but like for thunder storm.. i know i can't be mad with.. but i have no control over it.. and i am still mad.. 
but for the ppl who keep pressing the door bell nonstop i really hate it.. and pissed off.. can't u just wait for a while?? sometimes i will feel like scolding those ppl "stupid"..
by the way.. after blah blah blah here i feel better now.. haha.. the photo above is taken after he waken up by the thunder storm and rain.. which the undrink milk bottle..

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