Monday, April 18, 2011

Introducing Toddler to new baby

This is the new topic that I am learning now... how to introduce Marcus that he will have another sibling (little brother or sister)??  after have a talked with my baby visit Ai Ling.. she has give me some ideas on how to properly introduce Marcus that he will have another little brother and sister.. I also start reading and searching for information about this.. 
  1. to place more baby pic around the house.. so that marcus will get use to baby 
  2. to play VCD/DVD that related to Mummy, big brother and sister and new born baby 
  3. to read some books related to Mummy, big brother and sister and new born baby 
  4. let marcus to touch the tummy and feel baby kick.. 
  5. let marcus to listen to the tummy...
  6. bring marcus to shopping and ask him to select a gift for the baby (booties & mitten) and make him to wear it for the baby 
  7. bring marcus out and notice see what he like.. then secretly buy the gift and hide under the baby cot.. then pretend the gift is from baby to marcus 
  8. on the day of delivery.. when marcus and papa come to hospital to visit.. mama need to give a big hug and kisses to marcus first.. then only slowly show him the baby.. 
so now i am searching for the material (VCD, Books, baby poster) hope he can accept the baby easily and don't be jealous so much!!!

It seem there is another BIG KNOWLEDGE "大学问" to learn again here!!!

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