Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Equally Love?

this question recently keep pop out from my mind.. can i love both of my babies (marcus and marcus didi or mei mei) equally?? can my heart and love squeeze into another quarter to love the new born baby?? the point is how to be fair to each of them?? many people says, normally we parent will tend to love the first kid more.. I truly believe that there is a tensity of doing so.. coz we have been put all our love on marcus alone.. and now we got to slowly adjust our love and need to save it for another baby.. 
how will marcus react when the baby is born.. will he get jealous?? and how will i have that energy and time to take care both of them at the same time?? how to do equal? while when marcus is baby.. i am loving him all out.. and now with another baby i still need to love marcus too.. how to make it fair??? 
maybe experience mother can share with me your experience.. 

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