Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dada papa Birthday 2011

we just had simple celebration together this year.. for papa birthday 2011.. mama nearly forgot to buy cake.. and rush out at 5pm something to buy this yummy.. blueberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe.. 
then we feed marcus his dinner first.. coz recently eating out he is not eating properly and keep want to play only.. so we make sure he has his dinner then we get ready to go out..
before we go out.. we sing happy birthday song together (actually only papa and mama sing).. marcus is just aiming on the cake.. maybe he thought is his birthday???

the twin baby... hahah
 we went out to our favorite japanese restaurant Zanmai at Sunway.. and as normal we need to que for around 20-30 minutes before we get to go in to the restaurant.. 
my permanent philipino maid seem smarter.. i teach her how to take photo for us and see the photo is quite sharp right? not bad.. better than the earlier indon maid.. hahahah
we prepare two present.. one is smaller box and marcus select his toys and put inside and we wrap with a wrapping paper and with a card with mama and marcus signatures... 
then another real gift from papa was hide inside marcus's diaper bag.. which is the ipad!!! papa like it very much.. he said can play angry bird with big screen.. hahaha
 surprisingly.. marcus eat quite a bit also even he had his dinner at home.. he has rice with egg and chawanmushi.. 
he seem enjoying too.. hahaha.. see his dirty mouth and face... 

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