Saturday, April 9, 2011

Casual Photoshoot for Isabel

few weeks ago.. isabel came with her papa mama to my house for photo shooting.. and I like this cute little girl.. although she is 3 months younger than marcus.. but she seem more 懂事 than marcus.. it is a casual shoot.. and have a few photo which I quite like it too.. 
this one i like the most.. which symbolic papa mama will walk together with isabel... 
 not easy to catch her smile too.. finally a few with her smiles..
almost all baby come to my house like this abc train.. :P
got mei mei come to our house.. marcus also extra happy.. and kepo here and there too.. this is when he let isabel ride the train and he look at her and he playing the abc botton there... 
then isabel get down.. and marcus's turn to ride... so funny to see them play.. like they know to take turn and let each other play.. 
while marcus busy posing there.. isabel play the abc train loh... hahahah.. so cute right???

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