Saturday, April 30, 2011

Breast Feeding

i found this video of me talking to marcus when he is drinking milk at around 10 months + .. which i am really sad abt to stop breastfeeding.. but I have to move on.. 
now look it back and i still feel like crying.. and I missed the "time" with him.. the bonding we had.. from the video.. until the end of conversation.. he was responding to me.. i was now wonder.. maybe he is telling me "mummy i don't want to drink bottle".. that's why now he is refuse to drink at all and only drink while he sleep... :P
now i am very firm that I will also want to breastfeed my next baby.. at least for a year my goal is.. breastfeed is really not easy at the beginning.. where i am thinking about the pain that we had to go through.. the block ducts in the breast which is much more pain than labour/giving birth.. but mummy will do all I can to give the best that my baby needed for the very first year.. and I know i will be making it through again this time too.. and I want to and i must too.. this is the determination that I need so that I can have the success.. 

to all mummy out there who want to breastfeed your baby.. breastfeed is not an easy task.. but once we have decided we are going to do it.. Let's do it!! when there is no milk powder exist.. those mother can do it.. why not us?? we can make it too!!!!

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