Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Hair Cut

I can't remember how many time we cut marcus's hair now!!! but I did have some photo and video of marcus cutting his hair.. 

This is first time we cut marcus hair with our newly bought shaver... 

drooling marcus with excited papa.. who want to cut his hair!!!

 this dont know is 3rd time or 4th time of cutting his hair but we bring him out to the Indian barber to cut for him.. look at his facial expression it is so funny... 
this is before cny 2011.. he cried in the barber shop as if it is end of the world!!!
Then yesterday I decided this time I help him to cut myself.. and below is the picture of before cutting..
 then use the water to wet his hair while asking kakak to hold him... 
 then use the shaver to cut the bottom part first... 
 then use gunting... cut cut cut.. 

 look at his cheeky face!!!
 mama.. where is the shaver???
 ok let him play with the shaver.. and he like trying want to shave his hair himself.. haha
 done lah.. this is the back of the hair look.. 
this is the front look.. and mama think this time cut too short lah.. the front!! look a bit nerd liao!!

do normally parents will cut their baby's hair themselves??


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Frankly saying, I not dare to cut my baby's hair.. Normally my bbsitter help me to trim her hair, but luckily her hair didn't grow fast so i no need to worry much.

Marcus look great after you cut his hair.. Look smart & chubby~

YvOnNe Fong said...

Mui Ngee: girl hair should be much easier.. just trim the front and the back only..

i think marcus look nerd leh.. cut too short the front.. haha


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