Saturday, April 2, 2011

Avillion Port Dickson

 Really long time didn't go for a holiday or trip since after got pregnant of Marcus until now.. sometimes I really get bored to stay at home and the feeling of want to throw out.. very moodless.. and life with no excitement... I need a break!!! I need to go out to see something different!!!
so what we can do now is only cuti-cuti Malaysia.. I have been requesting my hubby to go for local trip a few times.. but either is being rejected or he is too busy.. to him local trip is boring.. but to me too.. but better than none right?? which actually we get used to sight seeing.. go here and there.. but with baby the trip is another story.. so this time i plan to stay inside a hotel.. and play inside a hotel... and try to enjoy inside a hotel... 
I booked Avillion Port Dickson, which many friends said is a good resort.. I booked a studio room.. which come with a living hall and a bed room.. coz we will bring our maid together.. i dont wish she sleep next to us.. so at least can let her sleep in the living room.. overall the hotel is quite good... very well maintain resort.. with two beaches.. and two big swimming pools... so basically the most enjoy one is Marcus.. he get to swim, play sands.. walk here and there.. see rabbit.. see peacock etc... but to us adult.. it is a bit boring.. but if can go with maybe 2 families and friends.. then maybe will be better.. the kids can play and the adult can chit chat.. so next trip i plan maybe to ask another family to go together!!

 from living hall can see our bed room upstair...
marcus enjoy playing papa iphone 4 
 a friend of mine said this is twins in two generation.. haha
 marcus and mummy with baby at 12 weeks..

 he got the habbit of picking watever he saw on the floor... 
 and then play with it.. sometimes put inside his mouth to taste it..
 i like to sit on papa's shoulder.. 

 i did asked my maid to help me take few pictures.. but all outcome is like this one.. hopeless!!!
 lucky there is a tourist who can help us to shoot a family photo!!! 
 in the resort.. papa and mama let me walk myself by holding my hand.. 
 but now sometimes he will refuse to let us hold him and he want to walk on his own.. 
 Swimming pool which we swims twice there.. first day when we arrive and 2nd at night 10.30pm.. haha papa  & mama is crazy!!
 in the resort there is few peacock.. which they let them free and walk around the resort.. marcus want to chase the peacock somemore.. haha
marcus walk too much and when he saw a place can sit.. he faster go and sit there.. he need some rest i think.. haha too tired..
after morning breakfast I let marcus play sand at the beach.. 
and papa.. dig a hole and put me inside.. i cant move!!!

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