Saturday, March 19, 2011

Myflippix Photobook - Marcus 1st Year Album

I planned to make a photobook every year for Marcus.. which is more meaningful and organised.. I take too many photos of marcus.. and sometimes it is hard to develop all the photos.. and i don't trust soft copy.. which it might be corrupted etc.. 
this is my first ever designed of photobook.. which I come across where they offer for printing a photobook like a coffee table book.. which once i see it.. and i love it.. so i decided to purchase the voucher when they are doing promotion.. this is very good way of keeping memories i think.. you should give a try if you interested too.. 
The software of myflippix is quite user friendly.. but I found that it has limited design available for the user to choose from.. but overall it is quite a good software in arranging the photos into a book.. 
I bought a A4 landscape size of photobook with 40 pages at RM100.. 
below is marcus album.. 
cover and back cover.. 

Page 1 

page 2-3
page 4-5
page 6-7 
page 8-9
page 10-11
page 12-13
page 14-15
page 16-17 
page 18-19 
page 20-21
page 22-23
page 24-25 
page 26-27
page 28-29
page 30-31
page 32-33
page 34-35
page 36- 37 
page 38-39 

page 40 

this is the ready book they sent to me.. 
 the inside and the sleeve box i add on
the book.. 
 marcus with his album.. 
 marcus with his album to show case.. 


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Wow~ The book is so meaningful & nice!!! And it's very much depends on your photography skills..

So u only pay RM100 for the book? It's very worth it~!!

YvOnNe Fong said...

Mui Ngee.. yes.. i think it is very meaningful and one book can see his growth.. from slim slim to chubby chubbiest.. then again slim back down..

you also can make one for your princess!!!


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