Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long Time no See!!

Have been long time i didnot update my blog.. too many things happened recently which make me really busy!!!
Here are some of marcus latest photo.. I don't even have time to really take some nice photo for my precious Marcus.. what a shame right?? We get ready to go out for dinner.. and while waiting for papa to take his bath.. I faster bring out my camera and take a few shoot of my cute little marcus... 

he can now walk and walk and walk non stop.. want to take a photo of him stand still also is hard!!!

he slim down a lot right? he was sick 1 weeks but he refuse to eat at all for 3 weeks.. we only able to tham and he eat little bit everyday!!! see him slim down.. mummy feel really heart pain!!!

he now has his 7th teeth out finally... he refuse to eat maybe due to teething!!!

I also asked my new maid "kakak" to take photo for us but sigh!! I can't ask for more.. this is the best photo she taken!!!! 

This one another ok pic.. 

the rest is either look like this or got no head!!! hahaha.. hopelesss

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