Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lasik - Laser Eyes Treatment - Optimax - Part 3

Today went for my 3rd month eyes check up at Optimax.. without realizing that I have been done my eyes operations for 3 months!!! times flies.. and now I am enjoying glasses-less and no contact lens for 3 months.. 
so far vision is very clear... my left eyes can see clearer and better than my right eyes... which the test today tells that my left eyes is powerless now!!! hehe.. i am so happy about it.. but Right eyes still with 50 astigmatism but without anymore short sighted.. :P 
one thing I am happy about the result of going glasses-less is when i make up and don't need to wear contact lens anymore and yet with very clear vision.. no more dry eyes of contact lens.. also 2nd thing is without glasses it is much much easier for me on my photography... seeing through my camera view point without any disruption of glasses.. 3rdly, when take care marcus also is easier.. and he cannot pull away my glasses anymore.. haha.. naughty marcus!!! when take photo.. last time i always need to remove my glasses before taking the photo.. it is so troublesome.. but now no need loh!!! haha.. why?? woman like pretty face on photographs... and I think I look better without glasses too!! berasan sendiri - :P
yipeee!!! overall i am satisfy and happy with Optimax services!!
me and marcus with my old glasses!!! (pic taken with my blackberry phone) 



Brandi T said...

How much does Optimax charge you for the Lasik operation? :D

YvOnNe Fong said...

RM3288 per eyes.. for all laser lasik custom..

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will want to get a facebook icon to your site. I just bookmarked this article, but I had to complete this by hand. Simply my suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know which branch of OPTIMAX you have done your all-laser-lasik? Thanks :)

YvOnNe Fong said...



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