Thursday, March 17, 2011


my house flooded on 15 march 2011.. never though this will happened.. and this is also first time in my life experience real flood..
when seeing the water coming inside the house.. we though to use the clothes to block it or whatever.. but then i realise it is useless.. and everywhere the water is flooded in!!!
 almost the whole street of road is water.. 
my car porch also is like a swimming pool.. 
inside the house everywhere is water... 
 kitchen is full of water too!
the garden damaged.. and the fish pond is enlarged.. 
the water outside the house is about knee length!!! 

this is a bad experience.. and at that time i feel very helpless when seeing water coming and I can't do anything.. 

so now i figure out the next time if flood happened again.. we need to do the step by step things and do not panic.. 
 these two are the fish i saved and put them back into the pond
  1. Take all the valuable thing on the floor and keep it to a high level of place..
  2. lift up all electronic things so it will be spoilt.. 
  3. then relax and do not panic.. 
  4. when water start to goes off.. the first thing i check is there any fishes out from the pond.. yes there are.. i save 3 of them.. 
  5. then endless cleaning up jobs.. also buy dettol to mop and floor too!!
next day... we found a fish inside the bushes of leaf in the garden.. which i didnot notice then rescue is being carrying out.. condolence.. 
then.. as a effect of flood.. there are another two fishes dead inside the pond.. not sure whether is it the fishes i save earlier..

next step: got to complaint to MBSA to solve this poor draining system!!!!

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Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Wa-liew~ what a bad damage to your house! But your house really so big & nice la... Envy!!!


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