Monday, January 17, 2011

Walk Walk & walk

I like to capture the natural facial reaction.. which i think is priceless... 

Marcus now start to walk little bit by letting his hand off.. he is about 15 months and 3 weeks.. he can walk for few steps.. he is kind of very careful baby... and not very adventures in terms of walking..  it is actually good for me as he is more careful and won't simply fall down and I don't need to chase after him and can enjoy for a little longer.. ^_^
He has a few push walker for him.. Will review it if I have time.. hehe.. too busy.. but anywhere.. he like the most is this simple push walker from Fisher Price.. Is a birthday gift.. from whom we really have no idea.. but Thank You to whom who bought this for Marcus.. It is indeed a very good gift!! Previously he will only push the plastic chair.. the living room chair to walk.. but now with this he want walk everyday and practice more!!!
on a evening time during weekend.. we found the weather is pretty good.. so we bring him out to the taman near our house for a walk practice.. he is enjoying and have fun!!!
recently he like to some and hug my leg.. is your baby same too??
refuse to walk at the beginning.. but then soon he start to push his lovely walker and walk and walk and walk...
we also bring MAX out for a walk..
mommy.. on the grass is too difficult to push leh!!!


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

OMG~ MAX is so BIG~!!!! I scared big doggie~ Marcus not afraid of it?

Pls write the review of the push walker... I need to buy one for my daughter 1 year old birthday soon~ Hehe! I sourced one which is vrtech one, seems got a lot of function~ U have that one too?

YvOnNe Fong said...

Mui Ngee.. yes.. the abc train.. that's the one i bought for marcus.. it is too much function is a good toy.. but he not treat it as a walker.. busy playing by then.. haha

YvOnNe Fong said...

want to have a photoshoot for your girl for 1 year old?? I just launch my photography service finally..

you can help me promote a bit and help me to suggest to your friends in facebook yeah.. :P


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