Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I can walk already!!!

Marcus hitting this important milestone..
he started to stand when he was 10 months old 
he started to cruise around by then.. 
after 6 months of cruising and walking by pushing toys.. chair.. table.. any movable things in the house.. 
from last month he started to walk a step or two.. 
from last week he started to walk 3 to 4 steps.. 
from yesterday he started to walk more than 10 steps... 
and finally today 17 January 2011, he is about 15 months and 3 weeks he start to walk without holding to anything for more steps!!! and it happen through out the day for few times..
We, as a parent... really happy to see him grow.. it is really priceless to see them grow day by day!! happy until we both jumping and it is hard to describe the happiness we had.. 
bravo baby!! you did it!!! 
but, more falls to come until he master this newly learned skills.. 

1 comment:

jamiemama said...

bravo, marcus!
bren gor gor also started to walk at about 16th month :)


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