Friday, December 17, 2010

[Newborn] Photograhy - Baby Hins

baby Hins when taking these photo he is about 13 days olds..
he is lying on a very comfy beans bag..
May + Chee Hoe = Hins
Baby Hins is very wakeful baby.. I am waiting for him to sleep soundly so I can do some posing for him.. but he is so so so wakeful... so we just take some photo of him and his papa ... Papa Shin is a newly promoted father.. he just learn how to carry and hug baby Hins... so it is still very "生疏"..
I love the way baby Hins looking at his father... like trying to tell his father "pls hold me tight"..

try to shoot on his ears.. he got very nice and big ears..

the tiny feets.. I always like baby feets.. it is so so cute...
baby yawning.. is also very cute and natural..
during the session he hungry for twice.. want to drink milk milk... and poo poo for once and Auntie Yvonne help him to wipe his pet pet lor..... in just one hour time.. hehe.. kuat makan betul!!

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