Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letter to Santa Clause from our family

Hello Uncle Santa,

I have the following wish list and please uncle Santa to pass my message to our
Heavenly Abba Father.. hope HE will grant and give me the "present(s)" we want. :) and then Uncle Santa become postman and send to us at our home.. then stocking is located downstairs in our living room!!! (in case you can't find it!!! hehe)
  1. Health - I hope everyone of my family members to be very healthy.. my little marcus just fall sick again yesterday.. I hope he will be recovered soon before the Christmas.. and enjoy his Christmas with the Family & Friends.. Hope all the sickness to be far away from us!!
  2. Courage - For me to made up my mind on my destiny and go towards my dreams.. For Marcus start walking soon!!!
  3. Intellectual - for marcus learn to talk soon instead of mumbling which we don't understand, my dada to made the right decision in his business, and me to have better skills in my photography and to learn the photo editing in professional way!!!
We hope our prayer will be heard!! We hope uncle Santa help to deliver it to us!!

Your sincerely,
The Chan Family

We wish everyone "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!" - from the Chan Family~~

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Vyonne,
Read your post on the confinement lady. May I have her contact? We are expecting our first baby and hope can get a good helper. You can reach me at my cell 012-3301332 or Thanks in advance!


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