Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lasik - Laser Eyes Treatment - Optimax - Part 1

image from optimax website

I am doing last minutes reading on lasik treatment and what is the complications and the patient guide for laser eyes treatment..
now, I feel a little worry.. a little 紧张.. a little scare/fear.. a little not sure.. a little nervous..
should I really want to go tomorrow for my laser appointment??
is that everyone will have the same feeling before they went for any kind of operation?
Can I really no rubbing my eyes for a week?
What if I accidentally rub my eyes?
what is the complications?
so so so many questions pop out!!!
but, I think i will still going as planned...
I have my appoint with Optimax at 11am tomorrow..
the whole procedures will last about 2 hours.. but the operation will about last about 10-15 minutes..
I think I will be okay.. as my hubby also already went through it and he said everything is okay..
what? I will be doing All Laser Lasik-Custom (click on it to know what is it exactly)
Where? Optimax Sunway
How much? RM3288 per eyes (after so called promotion voucher discount)
Wish me good luck!!! I hope everything will go smoothly!!!
Will let you all know after my operation on what is my feeling and how does it really works!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for sharing about your Laser eyes treatment. I am also intereted to do it, can i know how to get the promotion voucher discount? can you reply me to Thank you

YvOnNe Fong said...

hmm.. there is no discount now.. but you can call them to check whether there is any promotion upcoming up


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