Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lasik - Laser Eyes Treatment - Optimax - Part 2

me before surgery with my spec. i remember i start wearing spec since I was around 8 years old... huh such a long time!!!!
The feeling before the surgery: yesterday already talk a little about the feeling that scare, worry, nervours etc.. as today when my hubby fetch me to the optimax center.. the feeling is exactly the same like my hubby fetching me to hospital to deliver baby... the level of uncertainty is very high!!!
the process: once i arrived there.. they made my hubby to sign on a consent letter to deduct his referral fees of RM200 directly for my surgery fees...
then make payment first.. everything is money come first!!!
then made the follow up appointments - 1 day & 1 week
then give me the medicine kit below and explain when to put the medicines and the dosage
then sit down and wait for my turn..
then, when they bring me in to the changing room.. change to the operation blouse and pants.. put on a leg cover... and a cap...
then, sit next door at the waiting and resting recovery room
while waiting there i can see the earlier patient in the operation room and doing his laser!!!
then when my turn.. doc check on the eyes again.. put some eyes drop to numbed the eyes.. then doc use a pencil like thingy like doing some marker on my eyes..
then a nurse come and put my cap properly.. then clean my eyes and put some eyes drop again..
then went into the operation room..
the operation: make me lying down.. i see many light bulks on that machine...
then doc confirm my name and my types of surgery again
then nurse put a cover on my left eyes...
then doc put like a sticker on my right eyes.. stick all my eyes lashes...
then put on a ring - my eyes cannot blink blink already..
then put so many eyes drops.. they mentioned what is it but i don't understand..
then doc keep tell me to look at the red blinking light..
then put on a suction ring.. ops.. i feel very uncomfortable with that suction ring.. then i hear someone counting.. 10, 5, 3, 2, 1.. then remove the suction ring.. less than 3o second my eyes flap is opened..
then doc put dont know wat watery thing.. flap up the flap.. vision go blur.. then laser.. smell some "chao ta" (hokkien) smell.. then close the flap.. vision clear.. put that watery thing again.. then use two brush like thing and brush and flatten my flap.. (done for one eyes)..
the same thing repeat for my left eyes...
after done leave the operation room.. and sit in front a microscope.. doc check again the eyes.. and tell me what should i do and don't again!!!
then i went to change immediately after that and went and sit outside to wait my hubby to come and fetch me home..
the vision is clear.. just like have haze... and the feeling like got something inside my eyes... hmm.. like wearing a contact lens upside down..
the feeling during the surgery: uncomfortable with that suction ring.. really worry what if my eyes moved!!! keep thing i got to really look at that bloody red blinking light..
scare and scare.. why the 30 second is so so long.. like one hour feeling.. but in fact it is really fast!!! but to me i feel like damn long..
the feeling after the surgery: the eyes.. doesn't have any feeling for the first 10 minutes.. just see the eyes is red...
while i seated outside and wait for my hubby to come and fetch me.. I start to feel my eyes very "sour" "bedih"(malay word).. like a onion or some acid thing went inside the eyes feeling.. hardly can opened my eyes.. then my hubby arrived.. get up into the car.. and keep my eyes closed... then the tears come in.. tearing a lot.. hardly able to opened coz really irritating.. then we went to buy macdonald take away.. reached home i eat the macdonald with eyes closed.. then eat two painkiller doc gave.. then went to sleep with my eyes shield for around 3 hours.. wake up then my eyes is okay.. i can open my eyes big big.. with clear vision.. the haze is gone.. no more tears... and I feel happy!!!
then just now when i see outside the house.. the street light with haloes.. all lighting have a ring with it.. outer ring!!! hahaha
me with my eyes shield.. demo for blog purpose!!
after care:
keep reminding myself no rubbing or squeezing eyes for 1 week.. putting the eyes drop as instructed.. no wash face... no splashes water to the face or eyes area... will go to salon to wash my hair as they said first week cannot let water touch the eyes.. wear the eyes shield when sleeping.. go back to do eyes check up on time to make sure the healing and the flap is properly heal... cannot go to clubbing coz need to avoid dusty and smoky place.. cannot cook for the same reason.. cannot swimming, sauna, steam bath, facial etc for one month.. be good friend with my sunglasses need to wear it whenever is outdoor..

hope everything is fine..

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Ken Wooi said...

I'm considering to take up lasik too. Thank you for sharing the experience!

I'm particularly afraid of the "eye ring" though. Feels like.. OUCH! :P


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