Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting back into shape after pregnancy

I started on diet about 2 months ago..

before 1st time pregnant I was about 45kg - 46kg
after 1st pregnancy my weight maintain around 48kg
then after 2nd pregnancy my weight maintain around 52kg
I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!! I want to look good!! I want to get back to shape!! I want to still able to wear my old clothes!! I want.. I want..
so I set a target of 47kg.. which is not as slim as 45kg-46kg.. but I think 47kg should be just nice!!!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Yes!! I am on diet!!!
After delivered Marcus I did keep track on my weight!!! But, because of breast feeding I never think of try to on diet or keep fit.. i think breast feeding really help on my weight management too.. as during the breast feeding days.. I eat even more than my husband.. and eat a lot of fattening food like CHEESE CAKES.. (almost eat that everyday!!!) hehe.. But, my weight is always maintain around 52kg - 53kg...

If not mistaken, my total weight gain during pregnancy is about 16kg over 38 weeks of pregnancy... most importantly, marcus is healthy.. during pregnancy I also try to eat healthy.. and I don't hope my weight gain gone beyond too far..

During my confinement months, I did the malay tradisional massage as I have blogged before.. I also got put on bengkung (one long long kain type & a modern type).. I think both of this really help me to get back my shape pretty fast that time.. ppl seeing me after my delivery will say.. wow.. how come you can slim down so fast?? Oh!! but it is still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight!!!!

Here is the record of my weight after delivered Marcus..
26 Sep 2009 - 60.7kg (waist - unknown forgot to measure)
28 Sep 2009 - 57.6kg (waist - 32inch)
14 Oct 2009 - 56.7kg (waist - 32inch)
16 Oct 2009 - 56.2kg (waist - 31inch)
19 Oct 2009 - 56.0kg (waist - 31inch)
23 Oct 2009 - 55.5kg (waist - 30inch)
29 Oct 2009 - 55.3kg (waist - 29.5inch)
31 Oct 2009 - 54.7kg (waist - 29.5inch)
3 Nov 2009 - 54.2kg (waist - 29inch)
9 Nov 2009 - 53.4kg (waist - 29inch)
13 Nov 2009 - 53.1kg (waist - 29inch)

So, after about 11 months of breast feeding... and my weight is still maintain around 52kg - 53kg.. And during Sep 09, I went on a business trip.. due to long time the customers and friends didn't see me.. so, one of my old friend in the industry ask me "what happened to you Yvonne??? why you are so chubby??" @#!%#$@%$^ I really sad and angry hearing that.. so that's trigger my determination on my dieting and I need to get back to shape!!!
so, after get back from that trip.. I start on my dieting.. it was about end Sep 09..
My diet since few years ago was breakfast I will be eating herbal life.. then lunch and dinner eat as normal meal.. then since I want to on diet and weight lost.. then i replace my dinner with Herbal life too.. but not everyday.. sometimes I will still go out have dinner with my hubby..
I also try to eat healthy since breastfeeding days.. and now I also start going to swimming..

1kg + more to my target 47kg (my previous weight)!!! Gambateh!! in fact, actually my dieting is not harsh or not 辛苦 at all la.. :)


YvonneYeo said...

Look up to you and wait for your good news ^.^

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Just curious, why u mentioned u have 2 pregnancy? I tot u only have baby Marcus?

YvOnNe Fong said...

haha you forgotten already..

first pregnancy 8 month but baby no heart bear..

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Aiyoh~ So sorry... I really forgot liao and sorry for asking the question. And, I am the only one comment on your post before... So sorry ar... Haha~

Gambateh~ on your weight loss thing, I also can't lose much weight after my pregnancy until last 2 weeks I always fall sick, so now I still got 3kg more to reach to my weight before pregnancy. We gambateh together! Hehe!


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