Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 into 2011

Unexpected today will become a Malaysia's Public Holiday
It is a relax day for me instead.. which after many months.. I not able to go out to have a date with my hubby for a movie or a massage... but, we did it for a movie yesterday and today we went for 1.5 hours massage.. thanks to auntie who helping us to take care marcus.. that's why we can snake out and relax a bit.. :)
Yesterday, when typing my review of 2010.. I think I was not in a good mood.. that's why it sound so boring... okok... now I should try to think hard.. what's happening this year..
January - nothing much happened.. busying taking care marcus and breastfeeding I think..
February - our first time bringing marcus back to Hometown for Chinese New Year.. he was so so so chubby that time..
March - Marcus start semi solid.. and he don't like to eat.. which is really a "sigh"
April - seem busy with work.. my calender was all about marking on work and meetings..
May - Marcus crawling!!! Yipee.. really excited to see him growth..
June - is a nightmare start... we found out kakak (our maid) went out from house.. and we decided immediately to send her back to indonesia.. thereafter.. I lost totally my "freedom"
July - got a temp Myanmar maid, work for a month.. she left..
August - got an auntie to help taking marcus at my house.. but she is too fat to fit the job.. My first every business trip to Hong Kong after two years of non traveling..
Sep - Business trip again to Cebu Philippines.. and officially stop breast feeding..
Oct - went to Hong Kong for business trip again..
Nov - a quiet month.. and worrying on my "numbers"
Dec - passing without realized.. and I did my lasik all laser custom.. now I dont need to wear glasses lo!! Happy with gathering during Christmas with our old friends from church.. and I did something really meaningful.. I am making and designing Marcus' 1st Year photobook.. which it contains photos from pregnancy until marucs is 1 year old.. I will blog about it later and share on the album..

New Year Resolution
  1. to learn and start something which I really interested
  2. to get a get away holiday (a short one also never mind)
  3. xxxx xxxx xxxx (cannot tell)

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