Monday, November 22, 2010

Suruhan Pilihanraya - How to register as voter?


- A Malaysian citizen
- Has attained 21 years of age:
- Is residing in any Election Constituency in Malaysia; and
- Has not been disqualified.

hehe.. I am over qualify for so long... but only Today I made to registered myself as voter.. I went to "ta bao" my lunch.. and though to wash my damn dirty car.. so at the same time I also think why not I just go into the post office and register myself as voter? So i drop my car in the car wash place.. then went into the post office and take a number.. then went to buy my lunch.. then went back to post office wait for 2 min then my turn to register.. it is very simple right? I did 3 things at the same time.. and it was completed within 15 minutes... :)

I know many of my friends who is not yet been register as well.. so please go and register as soon as possible and so you can participate in the next election (haha.. after done liao.. now can talk loud loud la!!! :) )


- Go personally to the Registration Centre;
- Take along your Identity Card;
- Ensure Form A is correctly filled by the staff before signing the form; and
- Keep one copy of the form as proof of your registration.


Election Commission of Malaysia Headquarters
State Election Offices
All Post Offices with computer facilities in the country; (i went to post office to register la.. it get done very fast)
Commission’s mobile teams;

Other places specified by the Election Commission as Registration Centres.

The post officer asked me a few questions:-
  1. what is your religion?
  2. what is your mobile number?
  3. confirm again your mailing address is it same as the IC?
  4. are you married?
  5. is your hubby policeman or army?
p/s: above some are quote from

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