Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marcus' update~~ 1 year old and almost 1 months

bath time... ops.. can see my bottom teeth or not??
this is my president style of "HI"
mama bought me this leng zai ball tie clothes.. she can't wait and want me to try on it..

i am big boy already lor..

It has been ages I didn't update my blog.. until I feel here got some spider webs already..
hehe.. it's time to update some progress on marcus developments...

  1. Physical - although he is already 1 year old but he still not start to walk yet.. but last few days.. he is walking few step from the coffee table toward me.. what a great job.. mama still waiting for the moment you can stand still and let go your hand and start to walk... cruising almost everywhere in the house.. he no more doing the combat crawling and now he is crawling on all four.. using fingers very well - pincer grasps - grip tiny things (finger food and put inside his mouth).. he will shake his head to say "No" i dont want eat!!! Feeding himself with fingers.. very good hand eye coordination.. he now know to wave bye bye.. say hi.. and twinkle twinkle little star.. hahaha
  2. Language - making lot of noise and shouting.. but no much on a proper words yet..
  3. Sleep - he is now back to sleep in his cot.. but next to me.. when he wake up he will just crawl next to me and sleep again next to me.. so sweet.. but he is sleeping from 9/10pm until next day 8/9am.. no more night feeding.. as now he only drink milk when he just fall asleep.. been trying to feed him early in the morning but he refuse to drink.. napping - he will have 2-3 times napping a day.. normally morning 10.30am/11am (short one about 30-45min) then after lunch 2pm, normally it will be 1-2 hrs.. if he wake up after 1 hr.. then will try to let him nap another time during evening.. I also want him to nap more times.. then only i have the chance to feed him milk..
  4. Eating - HE GOT 6 Teeth now.. he eat 3 meals + 1-2 snack a day.. last two weeks.. there is a time that he refuse to eat at all.. he just purse his lips tightly and cry when see the spoon.. but he will open to food if we use hand to feed.. or use biscuit to feed... but this week he has been good in eating... quantity still small but also consider more than b4.. :).. after he is 1 yr old.. i have start to introduce more food to him.. ikan bilis, dry scallops, eggs.. so far he got no allergy to any of these..


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Long time didn't see u update your blog le... Marcus really look like big boy already, but still handsome~

YvOnNe Fong said...

hey Mui Ngee...

haha.. very busy recently until got no time to update my blog.. that's why i said here got spider web..

Jac said...

Hi Yvonne, I'm Jacqueline. I came across your blog while searching online and have read most of your postings. I have to say you have been a great mom to you baby boy especially the determination that you had with breastfeeding.

I just had my little princess 1 month ago. I have been having difficulty trying to breastfeed as my milk supply is very little. When I say little i really mean little. I have tried all kinds of ways (from my research online) to help boost up the milk supply but still not quite working out well. Since birth, I have always needed to topup with some formula to feed my baby cause breastmilk not enough. Feel so bad for my baby.

Anyways, you've done a great job and I truly envy you.

YvOnNe Fong said...

Hey Jac, I found out that most ppl keep say they have little milk.. end up they will really have little milk.. you got to think you will have a lot and a more.. and keep let your little one to suck it.. the milk will definately comes... jia you..


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