Saturday, August 7, 2010

First time leave Marcus for work

Tomorrow will be my first time leaving marcus for few days.. 4 days business trip to hong kong.. since the day I knew about this traveling arrangement I start to worry..
worry about who going to take care marcus when I am away..
worry about whether will he drink milk and eat food..
worry about whether can he sleep well..
worry about everything..
As marcus is still exclusively breast feed baby.. somemore now he reject to drink milk from the bottle now.. I am so worry!!!!
Weaning of breast feeding come earlier than i have planned.. due to this trip.. I suppose plan to wean him when he is 1 year old.. but now due to this trip my plan got to change and he is now 10 months 2 weeks old.. I really hope he will accept the bottle/sippy cup/straw cup etc.. I bought many and hope he will get to like it asap..
my feeling of 不舍得 getting stronger and stronger..
marcus.. mama luv you so much that mama don't feel want to leave you.. but mama know that everything will has its first time.. so mama and baby marcus also got to learn about it.. i know baby marcus will be fine.. but mama really feeling bad about it..
mama will misses you very much.. miss your cheeky smiles.. miss your smell.. miss your everythings..
mama will call you and sing to you..
mama will give you a big big hug when mama is back home!!
mama really 不舍得 you!!!
just 4 days.. seem like very tough for me now!!
(i think all mama also will experience this!! or i am really emotional!!!) haha

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MieVee @ said...

4 days will pass quickly (even though it will feel like 4 years); all will be fine. Take care and best wishes!


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