Sunday, July 25, 2010

Marcus is now 10 months old!!!

the very firt few times he standing.. and I cant wait and use my mobile phone to take this pic.. although is it very blur.. coz i afraid he will fall down
Today Marcus turns 10 months!! This flies real fast.. I am still remember clearly the day I was in labor room.. it was just like yesterday!!!
mama.. real busy and has no time to record down what you have done and achieve for few months.. so now is time to give little accomplishment!!!
  1. Physical - Sitting Confidently.. bend knees and sit... from sitting to kneeing to standing (at around 9 months).. (he kind of skip the pulling himself up from sitting to standing).. Standing without support.. combat crawling - real fast one.. A little bit of crawling on all four.. using fingers very well - pincer grasps - grip tiny things (finger food and put inside his mouth).. squatting.. Start cruising around the furniture - even let go both hand and switch from one furniture to another.. he will shake his head to say "No" i dont want eat!!! Feeding himself with fingers.. very good hand eye coordination..
  2. Language - he say mama and papa on my birthday 6 July 2010 (9mths old).. it was a great present from him.. such a sweetie pie..
  3. Sleep - after discharge from hospital - he sleep pattern become very bad.. he will wake up every 1-2 hour and cry for milk.. or need me to hug him to walk around to sleep.. but I have decided to train him again.. so it take about 3 days and now he is sleeping through the nite.. from 9/10pm until 5.30/6.30am.. But.. after discharge from hospital he refuse to sleep in his baby cot.. and now he is sleeping in the cot and until he cry then he will sleep in between me and hubby.. but I want to change this.. so give me few days.. and baby please forgive mama!! :(
  4. Eating - HE GOT 2 Teeth.. he eat 3 meals a day.. this is always the nightmare for me... but seem he get improved.. sometimes he will eat quite a bit.. but sometimes just few spoon (his baby spoon) and refuse to open mouth.. previously we offer toys and he will try to put the toy in his mouth.. so in between will slip in the food and he will eat it.. but now as his hand eye coordination improved.. it is now seem impossible to do it.. (he will only open his mouth when the object nearly reach his mouth.. and the speed of him pick up and thing and reach his mouth is very fast!!!)
His papa keep saying want him to attend the shicida class since he was only 4 months old.. but until now he never get action to enrolled him.. (papa pattern.. always tell the direction and mama please implement it!!) So.. I think I will need to go and check out the schedule for Marcus..

I am also trying to flash card for him for few months.. but I am a bit lazy so it doesn't happened everyday.. And seem he can't sit and wait me to flash the card.. he want to eat the flash card.. and come eagerly towards me..


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