Saturday, July 24, 2010

The intimate - Breast Feeding

these photos are taken with my mobile phone when I breast feeding marcus...

People will ask me... "don't you feel tired about breast feeding?" "你不辛苦吗?" "how long you plan to breast feed Marcus??" (little bit annoying why ppl keep asking about this?? I enjoy feeding my baby.. why does it so matter about this??)
yes.. it is really tired..
yes.. it is really not easy..
Must have really determine only able to breast feed until today.. I can proudly said baby marcus is on full breast milk at least until today (2 days to 10 months old)!!!
But 再辛苦都值得!!!What is the best thing we can give to our precious baby?
I don't think is money.. I don't think is branded clothes.. I think what they needed the most is Breast Milk & LOVE.. To breast feed your baby it really need a lot of LOVE and patient!!
actually I give myself a timeline.. I want to breast feed Marcus at least until age 1.. and now it was already about to 10 months.. however.. due to work.. i will need to travel in two months time.. so.. the weaning might need to start off a little bit earlier than planned... :(.. But I will still want to feed him until 1 yrs old.. So, from now on.. will mixed 1 times (2 oz) formula milk everyday.. (worry my expressed breast milk might not enough for him for 4 days while i am away).. when I am oversea.. i will still keep pumping my milk (to keep my supply) so that when I am back my milk supply still there for marcus..
mama.. will miss the moment of breast feeding you.. the intimacy build up nothing else can compare.. mama.. will miss the way you looking at mama when you drinking milk milk.. it is really 幸福而不是辛苦!!!
to all mama to be... please be determine for your little one.. and give the best you can for them!!
Enjoy breast feeding!!


MieVee @ said...

All the way, Yvonne! :) Breastmilk is indeed the best gift for our babies. My boy was breastfed exclusively until 14 months old; now at 17 months old, he still suckles at night. Very precious experience indeed. 加油!

YvOnNe Fong said...

Hi MieVee.. yes lor.. treasure it so much!!


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