Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fungus or Milk stain??

I always want to blog about this but keep forgetting it.. though want to sharing with all my friends here about this..
when Marcus about 3 months old.. he got his fungus all over inside his mouth.. and I thought it is milk stain.. it started on his tongue.. and it get thicker and thicker... then slowly spread to his gums and lips.. and it even spread to my nipples..
so it is quite easy to differentiate whether it is fungus or milk stain..
milk stain - can be easily wipe off with a wet wash clothes
fungus - can't be wipe off.. and if you can see it on gum and lips it confirmed is fungus..
so if you find that your baby mouth is having fungus then have to bring to doctor and get prescription cream to apply and it normally take few days to subsides.. and the same cream i used to apply on my nipples too and it will kill fungus..

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