Friday, June 18, 2010

Fever and teething!!

(the pic above shoot when he had his first fever after vaccination.. and we are able to put on a cool fever on his forehead.. now not able to do so.. coz he will remove it himself.. and I worry he will put inside his mouth without we realize it.. so I just use damp clothes only!!)
marcus is fever since Tuesday nite.. and until today Friday he is still having fever.. his has high fever up to almost 40C.. I though it is due to teething.. I bring him to see doctor twice.. doctor said the fever is not cause by teething.. if teething fever it is very mild fever.. so it is most possibly virus infection.. so normal it will take 3-4 days to subside.. so as first time mother.. I really dont know teething fever is mild fever...
now, i really hope him to recover at earliest.. if not tomorrow will need to bring him to do blood test.. so pity him!!!
marcus.. recover faster.. mama luv you!!!

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