Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Childproofing our Home

That day my friend Eva said that her's hubby said parenting for the first few years in a baby life is about preventing them to commit suicide... I laugh after seeing it.. but it is very true about this sentence.. as baby they really don't know about what is dangerous all about.. the crawler marcus.. he is now crawl faster and faster... when on a high bed.. he will just crawl and crawl until the bed end wan to crawl down to the floor with his head down.. oh my god.. he didn't know what is pain and don't afraid of height.. normally he will inspect the surrounding and see what interest him and he will crawl forward to it now.. the power plug.. one of his favorite.. he will put his finger to inspect what is inside the tiny holes... haha.. he also know how to open the drawer now!!! what a headache to begin with now..
so, seem we have enter another battle to protect our lovely son from doing silly thing to hurt himself.. IS TIME TO CHILDPROOF OUR HOUSE!!
first.. come into our mind is to buy a gate for our staircase.. we bought this LINDAM one.. and it have many many different sizes of extension.. so it basically can fixed to any size of the wall... so far we uses it and the quality is good.. easy to open and close for adult.. marcus also inspect on this everyday!!!
we also bought a few power socket cover.. so the little finger will not digging the holes.. haha
also bought the table cover cushion.. but it can only stick on top of the table and the bottom shape one it will drop easily due to gravity...
also bought 4 pcs of the drawer lock.. but haven't fixed it yet.. as it seem not yet very necessary!!

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